Como Friends Enrichment Wish List

The Perfect Gifts for Your Favorite Como Zoo Animals

Help Como’s Animal Ambassadors Thrive with Enrichment Gifts from Como Friends’’ Wish List

From the boomer balls polar bears Buzz and Neil love to dunk, to the kiddie pools that cool off Como Zoo’s large cats, Como Zoo’s animal ambassadors enjoy their toys nearly as much as our youngest visitors—and it shows. “Our animal enrichment items definitely get clawed, chomped and ‘loved to death,’” says Como Zoo senior keeper Allison Jungheim. “We can go through a lot of plastic kiddie pools every year.”

To keep up–and to help celebrate Earth Day on April 22–Como Friends asked Como Zoo’s team of zookeepers to make this wish list full of creative ideas for keeping Como Zoo’s animals healthy and curious all season long. “Every year, we hear from kids who want to help use their lemonade stand dollars or birthday party presents to contribute to Como Zoo, and this wish list shows what contributions of all sizes can make possible,” says Jackie Sticha, president of Como Friends. “It feels good to contribute toward something tangible that you know that animals will benefit from right away.”

Dura Mirror with Chain

Price: $30

The perfect size mirror for a penguin, these hard-wearing reflectors can also help Como Zoo’s Emperor Tamarin family keep their mustaches looking stylish.

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Price: $17

Filled with interesting treats, these foraging balls will set Como Zoo’s spider and Saki monkeys on a mission of discovery.

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Price: $397

Whether polar bears and bison push it, pull it, bite it, hop on it—this polyurethane pyramid moves unpredictably, just like prey in the wild.

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Price: $165

This heavy duty reflecting toy is big enough to stand up to Skeeter the giraffe or Schroeder the gorilla.

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A clever puzzle feeder for dexterous orangutans and long-tongued kudu and giraffe.

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Price: $112

These egg-shaped shells teeter and topple, keeping lions, Dall’s sheep and polar bears on their feet.

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Price: $98

Reindeer and cougars tend to get very curious about seeing a life-size deer decoy in the vicinity.

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Price: $57

A cylinder for scent enrichment creates the aroma of excitement for primates and kudu.

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Price: $75

 Tortoises and zebras get a good work-out moving this half barbell around their habitats.

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