Conservation Champions

Conservation at Como

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory keepers, horticulturists and educators participate in conservation projects at Como and around the world thanks to Como Friends donors.

Conservation projects bringing Como worldwide

Como zookeepers, horticulturists and educators travel around the world to participate in projects like protecting Snow Leopards in Kyrgyzstan and preserving the rainforests of Costa Rica. Whey they return home, they share their knowledge with visitors to encourage conservation action locally and globally.

Giraffe Surveying in Namibia

African Penguins in South Africa

Saving Snow Leopards in Kyrgyzstan

Conserving Threatened Animals in Costa Rica

Rehabbing Endangered Marine Animals

Saving Orangutans Abroad

Turtle Conservation in Texas

Restoring Puffin Populations

Tracking Giraffe Population

Support Conservation at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

Conservation Champions is a program aimed at helping Como Park Zoo and Conservatory staff members advance and activate conservation-action projects here at Como and with partner organizations locally and globally. An open application process invites interested staff to share their plans, which are then reviewed in a competitive process. Selected projects are supported by a grant to sustain the work ahead.

By making a gift to Como Friends, you will not only help fund Conservation Champions projects, but also progressive animal habitats, gorgeous public gardens and innovative education programs.

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