This #GivingZOOday, let’s show our support for the zookeepers who bring conservation home to Como Zoo!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

#GivingZOOday, in partnership with #GivingTuesday, is about the impact zoos and aquariums have on their communities by engaging visitors to be stewards of the environment and save species from extinction. It’s also about how these institutions give back by mentoring their staff and volunteers to support a wide range of causes.

Como Zoo is home to amazing animal species like polar bear twins Buzz and Neil. But in spite of their size and strength, Buzz and Neil’s wild cousins in the Arctic are vulnerable. That’s why Como Zoo keepers like Allison and Julie partner with organizations like Polar Bears International doing vital species research and preservation in the wild.

“Understanding how polar bears use habitat in a changing environment is critical for effective conservation planning.” –Zookeeper Julie

At Como Zoo, keepers provide best-in-class care to the animals through training and enrichment programs. These innovative programs allow the animals to voluntarily participate in their own care. So when Senior Zookeeper Allison needed to take an x-ray of Buzz’s paw, he willingly presented it.

When you support Como Friends, you make it possible for zookeepers like Allison and Julie to have the resources they need to provide top-notch care to polar bears Buzz and Neil, while educating Como visitors about the connection between the care of Como’s animals and the conservation challenges faced by their wild counterparts.

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