The Giving Season

Employee Match Programs can make your contributions to Como Friends do more

Did you know there’s an easy way to expand your support for Como Friends without writing an extra check?

If you work for one of the hundreds of small businesses, corporations and major institutions that offer to match the charitable contributions of their employees, you can double–or even triple–your annual contribution to Como Friends with just a few minutes’ work. Contact your human resources department to see if your company will match your donation.

“Last year, more than a hundred Como Friends supporters took advantage of employer matching programs, which supports improvements and programs at Como,” says Laurel Lundberg, Como Friends’ Director of Individual Giving, who notes that Como Friends receives matched contributions from many long-time corporate supporters including Best Buy, Xcel Energy, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Ameriprise and Ecolab. “For some companies, it’s just a matter of filling out a simple charitable contribution form in the human resources department, while other workplaces encourage employees to bring in their charitable giving receipts at the end of the fiscal year to match contributions.”

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