What makes Como Park Zoo & Conservatory our beloved community treasure

In life some of the best things are free, which is why Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is a destination loved by the community.

Como is more than a destination on a map, it is a welcoming urban oasis that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together to explore the wonders of nature, spark discovery and inspire a lasting love of plants and animals– all for free, every day of the year.

Community generosity supports the memories and educational experiences that take place at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory. Contributions to Como Friends support the following  cutting-edge improvements, conservation initiatives and powerful education partnerships:

A NEW HOME FOR SPARKY THE SEA LION: Como Harbor will include a year-round salt water habitat for the seals and sea lions with an underwater viewing area. Visitors will be anxiously awaiting the return of the 62-year tradition,  the Sparky the Sea Lion show and enjoy a more spacious and shaded amphitheater. 

INNOVATIVE VETERINARY CARE FOR THE NEW BABY GIRAFFE AND CULTIVATION OF THE GARDENS: Como’s animals from the Gorilla troop to the education animals receive the best care from our team of zookeepers and veterinarians. The thoughtful restoration of the Charlotte Partridge Ordway Japanese Garden and all the public gardens allow visitors to press pause, take a deep breath and dive into nature. 

PROGRESSIVE AND INCLUSIVE EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES: Sensory-Friendly mornings and free field trips for St. Paul second grade classrooms ensure everyone has access to educational opportunities at Como to foster a love of nature.

CONSERVATION PROGRAMS WITH WORLDWIDE EFFECTS: Conservation Champions travel near and far to preserve species like Orangutans, share their expertise about Reticulated Giraffes and gain knowledge about the plants and animals they care for at Como.

Your gift today will support the memories and educational opportunities that take place at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory.


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