Our Winter Oasis: Sunken Garden Winter Flower Show

The Winter Sunken Garden Flower show features a cornucopia of purple, pink and maroon plants and flowers which will surely erase the reality of the harsh winter temperatures outside.

Running January 12 through Sunday, March 12, 2019, the Sunken Garden Winter Show in the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory will provide relief from the barren winter days of Minnesota. The Winter Flower Show follows the iconic poinsettia of the Holiday Flower Show, but the jewel toned red cyclamen and purple azaleas are not be out-shadowed. Blue pansies, dark pink lilies, veltheimia, and various amaryllis provide the best compliment to make this show unforgettable. The pink and purple jewel tones set the scene for a perfect romantic getaway so take advantage of visiting this show at one of our upcoming events. It is always an extra special treat to see the Sunken Garden at night and you can do so by attending a Valentines dinner, Music Under the Glass, or Bouquets, Como Friends’ wine, beer and food fundraiser benefiting Como Park Zoo & Conservatory.

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