Como, our community treasure with a worldwide reach

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is a mighty force, thanks to community supporters.

From the millions of visitors who rely on free admission to the zookeepers, horticulturists, and educators who travel the world to participate in conservation efforts, Como is a welcoming urban oasis.

Community generosity supports progressive animal habitats, gorgeous public gardens and innovative education and conservation programs. Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is committed to keeping Como accessible to all so everyone can be inspired by the wonders of the natural world.

This year, your contributions to Como Friends, the nonprofit partner to Como Park Zoo & Conservatory will make possible:

UPGRADES TO THE AQUATICS BUILDING INCLUDE NEW INTERACTIVE EXHIBITS: Renovated lighting and flooring will make space for new species in the Como Zoo Aquatics Building. Young visitors will be able to view inside the African Penguin pool from a bubble window and get an up-close view of a giant Pacific octopus from the interior of a submarine. Along with the Pacific octopus, a lion fish and a Hawaiian coral reef are some of the new species being introduced.  

THE CREATION OF A POLLINATOR GARDEN AND THE OPENING OF THE NEW CLEVELAND COURT: Every garden in the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory encourages visitors to appreciate the powerful connection between plants and people. A new Milkweed Pollinator Garden will do just that by bringing awareness to the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Cleveland Court will be another welcoming space with trees and border plants that will complete Como’s front door.

PROGRESSIVE, DIVERSE AND FREE PUBLIC PROGRAMS TO WELCOME EVERY VISITOR: Sensory-friendly mornings happen monthly to accommodate visitors with unique needs and  the Senior Stroll program allows seniors to enter early for quiet walks and to learn from Como’s expert zookeepers and horticulturists.

CONSERVATION PROGRAMS BRINGING COMO WORLDWIDE: Como zookeepers, horticulturists and educators travel around the world to participate in projects like protecting Snow Leopards in Kyrgyzstan and preserving the rainforest animals of Costa Rica. When they return home, they share their knowledge with visitors to encourage conservation action locally and globally. 

Community support has transformed Como Park Zoo & Conservatory into a wold-class conservation and cultural destination. With your donation, visitors of all ages can appreciate and learn from Como’s animals and plants, all for free!


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