Over the decades, one thing remains the same at Como —free admission.

If you grew up visiting Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, you know a lot has changed over the years. But one thing remains the same—a commitment to free admission.

Como has long been a gathering place for families, seniors and students to unwind in the gorgeous gardens, hear about conservation, and learn about the natural world through up-close encounters with animals.

“When I was a child, we would visit the Conservatory with our grandmother wearing straw hats and white gloves. I still remember the sound of my black patent leather shoes clacking on the beautiful mosaic marble floor.”

“And in the summer, we would gather for a family picnic and spend the afternoon visiting the pink flamingos, monkeys and admiring Toby, the tortoise.”

Family memories and preserving free admission inspired supporters Grace and Mike to give a generous matching gift of $30,000 — allowing your donation to be doubled.

Make your gift today and it will be matched dollar for dollar up to $30,000. Your gift will be invested in progressive animal habitats and garden improvements, education programs, and conservation-minded initiatives all while keeping Como admission free. 

CUB-FRIENDLY UPDATES TO THE SNOW LEOPARD HABITAT: This April, Como welcomed snow leopard cub Asha, born to parents Moutig and Alya.  Her birth is the result of an international effort to preserve the endangered snow leopard. Before Asha could be introduced to the public, the outdoor habitat needed updates so she could safely climb and explore. 

CARE FOR THE MARJORIE MCNEELY CONSERVATORY’S BREATHTAKING GARDENS: Como’s horticulturists create educational gardens that delight the senses with vibrant sights and smells while bringing awareness to the world’s ecosystem. Each season Como’s volunteers and gardeners delicately transform the Sunken Garden into a new display of carefully planned plants and flowers. The annual Holiday Flower Show, which began in 1925, is open Dec. 7 – Jan. 12 and will surely bring back feelings of nostalgia.

HANDS ON FIELD TRIPS AND FREE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR EVERY VISITOR: Free daily programs turn self-guided visits into memorable experiences. Visitors get closer to animals and plants through engaging gardener talks, toddler story times and educational animal trainings.

CONSERVATION PROJECTS THAT IMPACT SPECIES AT HOME AND AROUND THE WORLD: Como zookeepers, horticulturists and educators travel the world to assist in projects like gorilla rehabilitation in central Africa and monitoring aquatic invasive species in local Minnesota lakes. When they return, they share their knowledge with visitors to encourage action locally and globally. 

Your support allows Como Park Zoo & Conservatory to remain admission free and accessible to all. 


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