Como’s 100 year commitment

For 100 years Como Park Zoo & Conservatory has connected the community with nature. 

Over the course of its 100 year history, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory has been a place for the community to gather and stay connected with nature. Como’s rich history is filled with memories of visiting Toby the Tortoise and Casey the Gorilla and afternoons spent taking in the beauty of the gardens under the warmth of the Conservatory dome.

Many of our visitors and supporters hold Como Zoo and the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory near and dear to their hearts. Our generous community supporters like you keep the gardens, botanical collections, and animals thriving for generations to enjoy.

Como’s century-long commitment to providing free access to the wonders of nature is fueled by community support. Thanks to you, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is a global leader in conservation, animal care and horticulture with access for all.

Your gift will support the highest quality care given every day to Como’s animals and gardens. This year, contributions to Como Friends will provide support for:

THE HIGHEST QUALITY CARE FOR COMO’S ANIMALS: Although Como is closed for the health of the community, zookeepers are continuing to provide the highest quality care for all of Como’s animals. Your support for Como Friends allows Como Zoo to partner with the University of Minnesota Veterinary program to give specialized animal care.

Como Bonsai BLOOMING BONSAI TREES AND SUPPORT FOR THE MARJORIE MCNEELY CONSERVATORY: Bonsai trees will be lining the Bonsai pavilion on the terrace for warm weather days yet to come. This spring, Como’s horticulturists are keeping busy designing, installing and caring for the five Sunken Garden flower shows thanks to your support.

students at comoFREE ADMISSION AND  LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR EVERY VISITOR: Como Friends is again proud to support the 2nd Grade Field Trip program allowing every second-grader in Saint Paul Public Schools to come to Como for a free field trip and participate in the Plant Detective Class. Free admission and daily education activities like Lil’ Explorers and Senior Strolls, allow people of all ages to be stewards of the natural world.

CONSERVATION PROJECTS THAT IMPACT SPECIES AT HOME AND AROUND THE WORLD: Como zookeepers, horticulturists and educators travel the world to assist in projects like gorilla rehabilitation in central Africa and monitoring aquatic invasive species in local Minnesota lakes. When they return, they share their knowledge with visitors to encourage action locally and globally. 

Your support allows Como Park Zoo & Conservatory to remain admission free and accessible to all. 


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