Carrying on Como’s tradition of free admission

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is a constant presence in our community that is home to generations of memories. These memories are the reason Como visitors and supporters like you choose to generously show support for Como’s amazing animals and breathtaking gardens. 

“The Marjorie McNeely Conservatory is the place where I find my peace. I don’t think I feel as relaxed anywhere than I do at Como.” - Como Visitor 

“Como reminds me there is always more to learn, and with each visit I find something new to deepen my connection with nature.” - Como Volunteer 

“Funding exhibit upgrades or participating in cutting-edge animal programs shows how much Como values animal care.” - Como Donor 

“I love that families can come free of charge. You can hear their laughter and excitement when they spend the afternoon with the animals of Como Zoo.” - Neighbor of Como 

Resiliency has been necessary many times in Como Park Zoo & Conservatory’s history. This year has been no different as Como upheld its commitment to free access and filled the community’s need for a connection to nature. 

During Como’s closure this past spring, it was our community supporters who came together to sustain Como’s free admission policy and ensure Como remains a leader in conservation, animal care and horticulture. Today your gift will provide: 

Free access for every visitor, every day. Because of your donation, visitors of all ages can appreciate and learn from Como’s animals and plants. 

Como Zoo’s beloved animals with the highest quality care, animal enrichment programs, and specialized veterinary care provided in partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary program. Your support allows zookeepers to provide the best animal care with progressive training and specialized equipment.

Como’s horticulture staff with the resources to plan, design, and install the seasonal flower shows in the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory’s Sunken Garden. Your support makes possible needed equipment such as a new seed germination chamber that allows Como to propagate annual and perennial seeds.

Conservation initiatives at Como and worldwide that model the value of environmental stewardship. Zookeepers, horticulturists, and education specialists participate in and lead conservation projects locally and globally thanks to your support of the Conservation Champions program.

Thank you for caring for the plants, animals and people who connect here at Como.


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