Parking will Remain Free at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory!

Como Friends is happy to share that the City of Saint Paul has determined that parking will remain free in Como Regional Park, including at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory and will not be pursued for the 2021 budget.

The decision was made based on findings from the Paid Parking Feasibility Study. Key discoveries included a likely decline in people visiting Como Park Zoo & Conservatory because of paid parking and a decline in food and retail purchases during a visit.

Como Friends will advance our mission-driven work to inspire support for the zoo and conservatory so it remains a vibrant and welcoming place where future generations can explore and make memories.

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  • Peg Tyler says:

    I just wanted to say that I tried to get through the email survey but it went on for much too long — most of those on-line surveys do and I rarely try them anymore but I wanted to do this one for Como Zoo!!! I would like to add my voice and vote to the no parking fee. I agree completely with the Friends’ group position on this subject.

    • Matthew Wehner says:

      Thank you for your feedback on the survey. We’ll make sure to add you to the list of people who are opposed to paid parking. Thank you for your support for Como Zoo!

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